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Learn How to Use Real Estate Loans to your Advantage

In the business of real estate loans, there are an infinite number of roads that lead to success – you just need to know how to get in front of the ones that lead to money. Knowing how to play your cards correctly – and confidently – in every deal is what will ultimately separate you from the chaff and secure your ongoing success in the world of real estate loans. With the right training, experience under your belt, and lending partners, you too can enjoy the type of success that most people only dream about.

Gravity Capital provides bridge loans, hard money loans and many other types of loans. Learn what you can qualify for today. 

Personalized Real Estate Loans are Waiting

There are two things that The Loan Ranger, Dave Knudson, knows how to do better than anything else: He knows how to recognize and orchestrate the perfect loan amid thousands of different opportunities, and he knows how to locate the money in any situation. And because Dave believes in sharing success with hardworking, like-minded individuals, he’s made the strategies and philosophies responsible for his success available via our Broker Training ProgramInvestor Training Program as well as his book The Art of The Loan. These online training programs are meticulously designed to be compatible with even the busiest of schedules, and feature content suitable for all learning styles.

One of Dave’s all-time favorite loans – perhaps what he might even call a perfect loan – involved a New Orleans Hotel. Dave bought the hotel knowing that there was a market for the property. He requested a loan from a company similar to Gravity Capital and purchased the property. The same day as the purchase Dave sold the hotel at a $200,000 increase. After calculating all the costs Dave brought home $70,000  off the deal.  Not bad for a few days of work of! Good deals make everyone money. With Gravity Capital training and lending services, you can gain the skills and funds essential to pull off high yielding deals. What will your perfect loan look like someday? Don’t wait to find out; your career in real estate loans awaits you. Enroll in our training programs today to get started!


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