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When processing real estate loans, mainstream banks like to take their time – a character flaw that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Most banks take at least 30 days to process and approve real estate loans; however, during the busiest months of the year, banks can take up to 60 days to approve a loan. This isn’t exactly the ideal time-frame for loan brokers whose clients want to liquidate or renovate their property on a tight deadline.

Enter alternative loan brokers: Our approval process – the very same one that takes most banks 30-60 days – can be wrapped up in as little as seven days or less (in some cases). Our goal is to find the best financing possible for you, while avoiding having to shop your client’s file around for extended periods of time.

Exploring Financing Options with Loan Brokers

One of our main goals at Gravity Capital is to help you and your clients see your options. We offer deals but aren’t afraid to point you in other directions if the fit isn’t right. Beginning with Gravity capital is never the wrong choice. Send us an email, give us a call and let us look into your loan today.

Healthy Relationships Between Loan Brokers and Clients

We value long-term relationships built on healthy communication, mutual respect and constructive feedback; we strongly believe that these qualities are necessary  and that without them, a company cannot become successful. Yes, your clients are interested in finding the best rates and terms available to them; however, they’re also interested in expanding their inner circle of close business connections – a feat that can only be accomplished if all relationships are held to the same high standards. Follow us on Facebook to start expanding your connection with us and a growing community of loan brokers.

Closing a Great Deal

There’s nothing quite like the exhilaration of closing a new deal with your client, is there? We know the mind of real estate entrepreneurs like the back of our hand – which means we can help address their worries and close a great deal for everyone involved. We at Gravity Capital make deals where everybody can win.

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A Stress-Free Application Process

Ultimately, all we really want is to make your lending experience as stress-free and streamlined as possible for you and your client – which is why we have made the online application process for real estate funds easy, fast and foolproof.

How to Apply

What’s holding you back? Get a head start on the lending process and apply for real estate funds online today.


To receive funding for your next real estate project, just follow these 4 SIMPLE STEPS:


Rising returns for Loan Brokers1: Loan Amount

Short on time? It takes less than five minutes to submit your client’s information, and our team will contact you with a decision ASAP. There’s no reason not to apply today – especially since your clients can receive the funding they need in as few as five days!



2: Secure A Loan

After our team reviews your client’s application, we will contact you if we need any additional information (such as paperwork including a real estate title or simple balance sheet). If everything is in order, your client’s funds will be cleared as soon as terms are agreed upon and the closing paperwork is signed – moving them one step closer to finalizing the real estate opportunity of their dreams!



Great deals for Loan Brokers 3: Finalize Your Real Estate Deal

With the support of Gravity Capital LLC funding, your clients are now ready to embark on their real estate journey with complete and total confidence. Our team will be with both of you every step of the way, helping you navigate through tough decisions while increasing profitability throughout the process. The sooner you apply, the closer you are to securing the funding your clients need for their future real estate project.


Money all around

4: Flexible Repayment Schedules

At Gravity Capital, we know that no two clients are alike – which is why we offer several different repayment options. Our flexible schedules (weekly, monthly, quarterly) are tailored to suit the needs of our clients; not the other way around. As equity in your clients’ real estate portfolio grows, you can relax comfortably knowing that your clients are set up with a repayment schedule that fits their unique needs. It’s time to turn your clients’ real estate dreams into a reality, and at Gravity Capital, we know just what you need to successfully kick-start their perfect real estate journey. So stop waiting: Click here to submit an application today! 

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