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We’re fans of a lot of things – non-traditional loans, creative lending solutions, and helping people acquire the real estate funds of their dreams – but you know what we’re not fans of? Red tape. Why? Because we like to make decisions fast.

Few things actually compare to the excitement that accompanies closing a lucrative deal. We understand this better than anyone else; after all, we’ve built our lives around supplying clients and brokers with real estate deals that help them achieve their career goals. We’ve purposely made it easy, fast and foolproof to apply for real estate funds online- so why not check out our application and apply today? You have nothing to lose by simply applying online today.


To receive funding for your next real estate project, just follow these 4 SIMPLE STEPS:



It only takes a couple of minutes to submit your information online, and our team will get back to you with a decision as quickly as possible. If you apply today, you could receive real estate funding in as little as five days!






Now it’s our turn: Our team reviews your application and contacts you for additional information and paperwork (a simple balance sheet or real estate title). Once we agree to terms, the magic happens: Your funds will be cleared, allowing you to proceed with your real estate opportunity.





3: Finalize Your Real Estate Deala handshake

Now that you’re supported by Gravity Capital LLC funding, you can proceed with your real estate opportunity with complete confidence. Our team is always here and ready to help you make profitable future decisions. Apply today and secure real estate funding for your next project!



4: Flexible Repayment Schedules

What repayment schedule works best for you? With Gravity Capital, you can set up a comfortable repayment schedule that works for you (weekly, monthly, quarterly) while equity in your real estate portfolio grows. Gravity Capital LLC can help you turn your dreams into reality! Click Here To Submit An Application
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Gravity Capital is staffed by a small, informal and personable team.

Initially, we usually recommend a brief chat over the phone before we truly get started. The application process is fairly brief and only requires a couple of questions, but as you already know, things move quickly when you’re working with Gravity Capital. First, we need to collect your personal details. Second, we discuss your needs; for example, How much money do you need? When do you need it by? Etc.

This often leads us straight to perhaps the most important question of all – What do you need the money for?

Once we’ve reached this step, we typically follow-up with some simple paperwork requests. A balance sheet and/or title report is fine.

Our entire process is relaxed, completely transparent and to be honest, quite empowering for clients and brokers alike. It would be an understatement to say that we’re looking forward to working with you – the truth is, we can’t wait.


You can accelerate the application process by providing comprehensive personal and business details and/or supporting paperwork.

For maximum transparency, please contact us. We will retrieve your credit record and perform a series of background checks for extra clarity.

One of the most important considerations for Gravity Capital is the real world value of your real estate assets, your equity and your ability to repay your loan. Bad credit and personal circumstances are of secondary importance and rarely influence our lending decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Can I Secure Funding?

If you provide all the important details, an appropriate real estate project and the required paperwork, then funding can be made available in just a few days. Our average client waits between 5 to 14 days depending on the transparency of their lending circumstances.

Do you need my SSN? What if I have a bad credit rating?

Gravity Capital works with a diverse range of real estate entrepreneurs and we understand the cyclical nature of the industry and personal financial liquidity. Our lending decisions are supported by real estate (and/or business) related assets, equity and your ability to repay the loan. We have an experienced team and look forward to working with you. The more details you can provide, the easier it is for us to make a decision.

What states do you lend in?

Gravity Capital LLC is a national hard money lender. We work with real estate entrepreneurs all over the United States. Although we prefer to work directly with borrowers, we also work with brokers to achieve positive results.

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