Bridging the Gap Between Investors & Entrepreneurs

Gravity Capital LLC is a direct lender that provides lending solutions to help establish marketplace scenarios to connect investors to entrepreneurs who need quick, quality funding sources for solid business real estate ventures. Whether you need funding to finish a real estate property project, or you need money to update your company’s equipment, our team is standing by to answer your questions and address your concerns. Cut your loan approval time in half by applying for a business real estate loan with Gravity Capital today.

Lending Solutions in a League of Its Own

Traditional lending sources, such as mainstream banks and corporate financiers, have a slim window of approval; these institutions primarily favor individuals with immaculate credit. What about the remaining percentage of entrepreneurs and business owners who are interested in applying for funding? Enter Gravity Capital. Our goal is to provide an alternative to inefficient and time-consuming real estate funding by offering quick, transparent funding to borrowers with real estate projects that are all too often rejected by the traditional mainstream lending system.



Long-Term Lending Success

Introducing The Gravity Capital Team

The secret to our longstanding success lies with our ability to connect the right projects with the right investors. If both parties walk away from a transaction and go on to enjoy long-term success in profitable ventures – while simultaneously upgrading local neighborhoods and businesses – then we’ve done our job correctly. Our ultimate goal is to create a win/win situation for everybody involved.


Dave Knudson, Gravity Capital President

Real estate is particularly significant in David’s vast experience, as he has been involved in many successful real estate ventures, as well as an investor in properties, and creating lending solutions for his clients. Some of his solid business backgrounds include non-performing loan portfolios and loans secured by real estate, in addition to owning a title company

David’s business expertise also includes land value and mineral acquisitions, as he has dealt in negotiating oil and gas leases and right of ways in the oil industry.

David specializes in lending capital that can be collateralized in many ways. This includes real estate, accounts receivable, alternate businesses, medical companies, equipment and more. He loves what he does and is an expert in creating the best scenario for entrepreneurs to meet their goals, acquire property, and develop successful enterprises.


Josh Lilywhite, Gravity Capital Senior Loan Officer

Josh Lilywhite is responsible for generating and evaluating investment opportunities for Gravity Capital. He will often be your first point of contact and can quickly assess the collateral value of any given property and put together the basic framework for a deal.

Justin Priestly, Gravity Capital Chief Financial Officer

Justin serves as the CFO of Gravity Capital. He is an accounting professional with substantial experience and expertise in financial reporting, budgeting, and financial analysis. Before joining Gravity, Justin worked as a senior accountant for the Summit Companies. Justin has also held accounting positions at the Rio Tinto Technology and Innovation Finance group and Kennecott Finance group. Justin holds a BS in economics from Vanderbilt University and a Master’s of Accounting from the University of Utah.

Bryce Svenson, Gravity Capital Marketing Manager 

Bryce serves as the chief marketer for Gravity capital. His duties include content production, website design, SEO and marketing strategy for the company. He currently attends Brigham Young University studying marketing and business.