Loan Broker Training

Interested in gaining a competitive edge over your real estate rivals? Gravity Capital’s  digital Loan Broker Training Program incorporates the convenience of modern technology with the wisdom of decades of experience in the real estate lending industry.

Why Become a Loan Broker

In today’s real estate industry, it’s not unusual for a bank to reject a good loan. A loan broker serves as the connection between alternative lenders and entrepreneurs. Without the loan broker many qualified people in need of money will be unable to receive the funding required. But why would it be profitable to enter the industry? Closing a million dollar loan can net you upwards of  20,000 dollars. If you can close a deal or two every month you could easily be looking at a six figure yearly income.

The Customer-Centric Loan Broker Approach

The Gravity Capital Broker Training Program is built upon the creation of interpersonal connection and providing the essential industry knowledge. A broker is only as strong as their client relationships; however, not all loan brokers are born with the natural ability to forge one-on-one connections with their clients.

An impressive portion of our training program focuses on equipping brokers with a customer-centric approach. In the long run, this translates to matching more clients with loan products ideally suited to their current situation and needs.

Through a series of videos and manuals produced and edited on location at Gravity Capital, our program thoroughly and quickly instills in our students the fundamental groundwork required for a successful start in the real estate loan broker industry.

A Loan Broker Development Program Designed to Be Different

Unlike other loan broker training programs, we offer a do-it-at-your-own pace program. We believe in continual life-long learning, and update our program with fresh content on a weekly basis to help sustain our philosophy. This open-ended approach makes our program a perfect part-time or full-time venture for people in all stages in life, including stay-at-home-moms, students or individuals searching for a new way to garner a little extra cash each month.

Have questions about our Loan Broker Training Program? Please contact us with additional questions or to request more information about the program.  

Our Manuals

Click the link  bellow to receive your a free copy of our first training manual. The Manual will detail how to begin working as a loan broker as well as inspire you to seek out the best ways to build wealth through real estate investing.

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