Dave Knudson here – aka “The Loan Ranger.” I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself, my interests and, most of all, my love for the “Art of the Loan.” When Donald Trump wrote his book “The Art of the Deal” I loved it – I loved the excitement of the transaction. His focus was development, and mine was real estate and lending, something that I have had a passion for since I was young. Truth be told, I’m on the phone at least six hours per day; and frankly, if I’m not, I worry. That’s how deep my passion for real estate investing runs.

I Started at 22 – And Grew From There

I was introduced to real estate investing by a wheeler ‘n dealer in New Orleans while serving a religious mission for my church. What are the chances, right? When he started talking about real estate finance, everything clicked –  I knew immediately that this was what I wanted to do.

I was only 22 years old when I first became seriously involved in real estate – although I jumped around quite a bit before I settled into what I do now. I was a realtor. I was a fix and flipper. I was an investor. I owned apartments, small retail,  and I did some building. I was involved with oil and gas leases, I owned a farm, I purchased paper and – in what would ultimately become my permanent occupation – I was a lender.

Everything I’ve Seen – Good & Bad

I have bought and sold real estate on the same day and made a very lucrative profit. I have owned and rented apartments while living off cash flow. I have bought properties, fixed properties and flipped them to make money. But adversely, I have also bought, fixed and flipped properties and lost money. I have been a buyer while watching values go up, down and back up again. I have also lent money secured by real estate, and weathered many a storm while doing so. At the end of the day, everything was ultimately a learning experience that bolstered me into the profitable position that I am in now.

Overcoming Challenges

I’m not going to sugar coat my experiences; and to be completely honest, real estate investing is not without its challenges. It can be simultaneously lucrative and catastrophic, and I have indeed experienced the frustrations of learning fluctuations in the market. I have seen some big, big real estate swings, which almost always result from the government getting involved with banking or tax structures. This might surprise you to hear, but I have been bankrupt. But I have also made money – a lot of money. And through it all, I have come to love the industry for several reasons.

Rolling with the Punches

To be in this industry, you have to be as tough as you are versatile. You must be prepared for everything to change within the blink of an eye, and even more importantly, you’ve gotta be willing to roll with the punches. But let me go on record to say this: In my opinion, lending is, without a doubt, the safest way to make returns without risk. It was for this reason that I ultimately landed in lending.

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I Love Money. Yes, I Said It.

I have a love for so many things in my life – good food, close friends, flying, boating, trail running, my ever-increasing workouts, staying healthy, and money. Yes, money; and here’s why. I have an unabashed love for money because it has allowed me to participate in a full, satisfying and wonderful life. It has allowed me to travel. To pursue my many hobbies. To raise children in a comfortable and stress-free environment. Most of the activities I do on a daily basis wouldn’t be possible without money.

Why Teams Make More Money

I am also aware that for a person working alone, it can be difficult to make the kind of money  that I enjoy today; however, when people work together, they can make the type of money that will provide for them a full, satisfying and stress-free life. Joining the team at Gravity Capital will allow you to make the kind of money you would never be able to make by your own efforts. Becoming involved in lending with Gravity Capital could be the first step in a series of events culminating in a bigger payday when pursuing real estate investing opportunities  – but it all depends on how hard you want to work for it.

Extracting Cash from Real Estate Investing

So here’s the million dollar question: How does lending money equate to cold, hard cash? What if you’re broke? Or what if you don’t even know anything about lending to begin with? Don’t stress. I have all the answers for you.

  1. The first step? Become a loan broker. I’ve already set up everything you need to accomplish this; it costs you nothing. We’ve developed an online training program that will teach you everything you need to know. If you have questions, call me – seriously – and I’ll walk you through your questions. Remember, this isn’t rocket science (and it’s a lot more fun than multi-level). All you are doing is trying to find people that need money. Inevitably, there will always be people who need money for real estate investing – and need it right now. Your job is simply to find them. That doesn’t sound like brain surgery to me; that sounds pretty straightforward.
  2. Once you find a loan, turn it over to me – I’ll handle it from there (until you become more experienced). If we close on it, you get a commission (usually 2% of the loan amount). For example, if we close a $1,000,000.00 loan, you’ll get $20,000.00. Not bad for a few phone calls, right?
  3. After you get a few loans under your belt, you will then start taking your commission in loans. For example, if you have a $20,000.00 loan, you will leave it in the deal, and you will make points and interest on it. So if you charge 5 points and 15% interest for 6 months, at the end of 6 months your $20,000 commission has turned into $22,500.00. Do this a few times, and pretty soon you start to have “mailbox money.” Mailbox money is the name of the game; it means that you essentially go out to the mail box and pick up a check. It’s honestly one of the best feelings in the world.
  4. After you build up a good chunk of money, you may want to start investing with us and in our loans.
  5. The final step? Once you have enough experience to start doing your own loans, you essentially turn into me. I have a constant influx of nonstop mailbox money – enough to support the kind of comfortable lifestyle I currently enjoy.

You’re in Charge

When it comes to lending, the only thing holding you back is you. Everything we’re offering you is free. Why? Because I am continually looking for new loans and brokers who see can see the entire vision and articulate the endgame. All you need is the desire to be successful, and the work ethic to get you there.

The Ultimate List for Lenders

If you want to get into the lending business, take a few minutes to read over my list of advice tips, misconceptions and rules of lending. If you’re serious about making money in the lending business, memorize these tips and commit them to your everyday life. Make them part of your daily mantra.

  1. I am the only one holding me back.
  2. There is only one person that will get in the way of my success: Myself. I won’t let this happen.
  3. What do I want out of life, and why?
  4. I will decide what I want and then I will go get it. Many people have succeeded because of desire, goal setting and determination. Lending is an amazing way to make a safe, reliable income.
  5. Fit, healthy people make more money and are statistically happier than those who don’t honor their general health and take care of their body.
  6. Healthy living, food and exercise will help me stay focused and will energize my mind, body and soul. There is a direct link between health and wealth; the better shape I’m in, the more money I make.
  7. I will honor a 50% loan to value rule.
  8. I repeat: A 50% loan to value will keep me safe (for more information, watch our simple 50% loan to value video).
  9. Always be in first position. And make damn sure you have title insurance.
  10. Don’t take a second mortgage until you have made one hundred loans. You may regret it.
  11. Documentation is everything. Do it right the first time.
  12. Have an attorney on hand at all times. I have one attorney that documents all my transactions. He gets paid at closing, and he has papered $35,000,000.00 in loans. Because of this, I sleep soundly at night (Gravity Capital can help you with this).
  13. Fact: Borrowers lie. A lot. It’s not in your interest to trust even one.
  14. The reason we get returns is because our borrowers have issues. This is why it’s so difficult to trust them. Over time, you may develop longstanding relationships with customers that you ultimately end up trusting; however, you’d be best off to heed the above rule.
  15. Fire insurance is mandatory.
  16. One fire without insurance could wipe out your entire loan.
  17. If you don’t want it, don’t lend on it. It’s that simple. If you don’t want to own it, don’t loan on it
  18.  Money finds good real estate investing  loans – not the other way around. This is the most important thing I can ever teach you. Good loans will find money. If you spend all your time discovering good loans, I will get you the money or I will show you how to find it. You never have to worry about money being available; it will be. Remember this: Good loans attract money.

This Is Just the Beginning

This is a lot of information, but it’s only the beginning of a journey that could lead you to a financially lucrative destination. Whether you are interested in real estate investing, becoming a loan broker or in need a loan the only thing in your way is you; don’t let fear stand in your way of living the life you’ve always dreamed about. Call me if you want to talk about it – I’m ready to listen, and to answer all of your questions.


Dave Knudson

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The Unbelievable Story of Dave “The Loan Ranger”

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