Preferred Loan Brokers Secure Better Deals

We value the relationships that we have with our  Loan brokers, and  we know how essential both you and your clients are to our company. To show our appreciation, those of you who become a Preferred Gravity Capital Broker  be given the opportunity to secure better deals and be moved towards facilitating possible leads.

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Preferred Broker Reward System

In a 1-year period:

1 funded deal: Lunch on us

5 funded deals: $100 amazon gift card

10 funded deals: iPad

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Remember the Loan Rangers Four Keys to Success as you Search for Deals

1. Consistency

    1. Consistency is the key component to success. In anything.

2. Pad of Paper

      1. Lists, lists, lists. Writing is the key here.

3. Goals with Clarity

      1. Clarity is the key here. You must know what you want.
      2. Take that pad of paper and write it down.
      3. Suggestions for your goals: health, family, money, loan closings, etc.
      4. Dave Knudson, “The Loan Ranger” organizes his goals into lists. For example, here are some of his loan broker goals:
        1. 100 calls per day.
        2. Make a list of contacts. Your loan partners will be the key to
          your success. Who are they? Loan brokers, bankers, attorneys, real estate
          agents, business receivers, etc. and when not working on a loan call them. In
          the beginning you should be doing a ton of this. Some days I would make
          cold calls all day long. The goal is you are making friends with these people
          as they will become your friend as you build your business. Remember this
          is your most important work because building a base of Loan Partners is the
          KEY to your success. For most of us this is the hardest work but the most
          most most most most important.
        3. Learn something new every day about the business. I love
          discovering new things every day. I’ve been in this business virtually all of
          my life but still find new ways to close loans, new ways to structure loans and
          new opportunities for investing.
        4. d. Increase your goals continually. Whether its health, family,
          fitness, or money, don’t forget to increase your goals. Make life a daily challenge.

4. Follow Through

      1. At this point in your life, commit to consistently accomplish your
        goals. COMMITMENT is the KEY.